What if I Cheat on the HCG Diet? 

First, don’t beat yourself up if you cheat on the hCG diet. No one is perfect.  We all have moments of weakness. If you are trying to lose weight, you know how hard it is not to have a moment of weakness. If you suddenly find yourself cheating on the hCG diet you might panic and not know what to do. You probably feel overwhelming guilt and shame. However, it is not the end of the world. You can pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and diet again.


Cheating on the HCG Diet

If you have cheated on the hCG diet, then it’s time to get back on track. If this is your first time on the hCG diet, then you know that it’s a learning process. It takes time to become a habit, so you get into the groove of it.  Everyone wants to make it through the dietary regime perfectly to attain optimum results. However, even if you do fall short, you can still lose weight. If you have fallen, then get back up on the horse again (hCG diet).


Do You Start Over if You Cheat on the hCG Diet? 

You might mistakenly believe that you need to start over if you cheat on the hCG diet. However, you do not have to start from day one. Sure, it’s appealing to start fresh again because you want to do the diet right, but one mistake is not going to destroy all your goals. You can continue moving forward to still lose weight. Do not focus on negative thoughts because if you learn from your slip up and continue the diet then you will lose weight. Remember, if you cheat, then do not let yourself feel stressed out and frustrated. Stress can cause a halt to your weight loss or make you gain unwanted pounds as your body’s hormones get out of whack and your cortisol levels spike.

 Should You Do Simeon’s Apple Diet?

Dr. Simeons is the founder of the hCG diet and he did recommend taking a single day to only eat apples if you cheat on the diet plan. However, will an apple day fix everything? Basically, eating only apples for one day helps the body break its weight loss plateau. On the hCG diet, it is not uncommon to have a weight stall of about four to six days. Consuming several apples and cutting back on your water intake can break the plateau. However, this might not be a great ‘quick fix’ for cheating. Apples have a lot of carbs and sugar which might not be a good option when trying to lose weight. Ideally, you should abstain from this tradition if you do cheat because it might not be beneficial.

 Fixing a Cheat on the hCG Diet

Here are a few ways that you can overcome cheating on the hCG diet.

Drink Water: Water flushes out the fat, sodium, and toxins from the excessive food you consumed. Drinking plenty of water, without overdoing it, to cleanse your body and get back on track.

Continue the Diet Protocol: Continue your calorie count each day just as you did prior to your slip-up.  Never skip calories or meals to fix your error. Such behavior can backfire and cause your weight loss to stall all together or you might start to gain weight.

Exercise: Do not exercise to burn off the food you consumed while cheating. You’ll just experience increased hunger and feel tired.


Abstain from Chronic Cheats

It is imperative that you gain control and do not cheat again while on the hCG diet. Multiple cheats will only lead to disappointment. You will not lose weight, or you will gain weight. The hCG diet will become a failure. Ideally, you should think about what caused you to cheat on the diet in the first place. Please remember, the hCG diet takes dedication but you can also achieve amazing results if you follow the protocol.

At Complete Diet Solutions, we know that sometimes you end up cheating on the hCG diet. If you have a moment of weakness, then please discuss it with our physicians so we can all work together to get you back to losing weight on the hCG diet. Remember, you have nothing to be ashamed of.  If you are new to the diet plan, then it can easily happen. However, your hCG diet does not have to be a failure. You can recover and continue to successfully lose weight.

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