Does Stress Affect Weight Loss Efforts?

According to experts, one of the main reasons our society is witnessing rampant obesity is the busy schedule that most people are adapting, increasing stress in our lives. The daily stressing demands of our societies have changed our eating habits requiring us to eat fast foods in order to make time for other demanding schedules. The modern life style pattern has placed exercise on the least important things that we do, thus increasing the stress levels in our lives.


The main challenge of weight loss is increased by emotional eating. The stress factors in your life may at times cause you to crave for unhealthy food. Your sugar levels are affected by prolonged stress that results in mood swings which increase emotional eating habits that are a major challenge to weight loss. Excessive stress has the tendency to affect where our body stores extra fats. Abdominal fat has been found to increase with higher stress levels and generally are known to introduce risks to your health.


Whatever the source of stress, our bodies will always respond by shifting the metabolism rate which inherently affects our overall health and weight loss plans . Prolonged stress has been known to result in weight gain due to too much cortisol in the body that reduces metabolism even if you’re eating habits are the same. Healthy metabolism relies on proper digestion and muscle building systems to function at optimal levels. The functioning of the systems is hindered by chronic stress as the body stores up fats and reduces the muscle and bone tissue build up in the body.


When you improve your nutritional diet that is rich in minerals, proteins and vitamin B12 and combines with regular exercises your body increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin plays a major role in determining your moods, cravings and emotions, thus if not well regulated by a proper diet will lead to chronic stress and may require stress management. Check out our Vitamin B12 products and find one that will help you increase your energy, focus and enhance your weight loss. Energy and focus can certainly help to reduce your stress level and give you a clearer vision to plan out your weight loss goals.

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